December 2, 2019

Casa Arsella Viareggio Recognition of Excellence

HotelsCombined, the Australian-based hotel meta-search company, has started an extensive survey covering different types of accommodations within Italy. This survey is based on gathering data from millions of guest reviews, and translating them to an official Recognition of Excellence. The HotelsCombined Recognition of Excellence is not a ranking list but a group of outstanding accommodations chosen based on a strict set of criteria. In order to be considered, properties must meet the following criteria: • At the time of judging, a winner is rated 8.00/10 or over with a minimum of 50 customer reviews certified by HotelsCombined. We couldn’t detect […]
November 2, 2018

Pietrasanta – Capriglia

A super fast and most gorgeous bike ride is the ascent to the village of Capriglia from Pietrasanta. My recommended departure (The route is feasible even in reverse, but it is more challenging) is from Pietrasanta in Piazza Statuto. Go uphill Via Capriglia and continue along this path in a magnificent climb among the olive trees until you reach the village of Capriglia that you cross until you reach the Muretto from which you have the best panorama that sweeps over the Ligurian Sea from Elba to Corsica and to Liguria (all visible on clear days, in exceptional ones you […]
October 23, 2018

Passo del Vestito

The most beautiful and complete bike ride is the ring that passes through the “Passo del Vestito” (m 1151). From Casa Arsella continue north on the Aurelia to go to Pietrasanta and from there with the SP8 and SP9 to Seravezza. Now begins the sweet and long (14Km) ascent to the legendary Galleria del Cipollaio passing through the villages of Levigliani and Terrinca. Cross the Cipollaio, go down for about 1 km until the deviation towards Arni on the left and here with a much more difficult climb up to the Passo del Vestito. It is a wonderful alpine pass […]
October 1, 2018

Super Lucese

The ascent to Passo Lucese is a magnificent bike ride that will take you half a day and you will discover the eastern hills of Val Freddana, cut throught by the SP1 Lucca that connects the Montemagno pass to Lucca. You need to be passionate about climbing hills and be well trained! Starting from Casa Arsella you can reach the SP1 following the path already described in the post on Montemagno, passing by Camaiore (longer) or climbing back from the Via di Montramito to Monte Pitoro and from there with a comfortable descent to the SP1. Continue along the SP1 […]
September 24, 2018

A Coffee in Pisa

If you have little time or simply want to make a short tour, flat and without any climb, then why not a trip to Pisa? From Casa Arsella take the seafront towards South, then through the white revolving bridge enter Viale dei Tigli and go for 5Km here to the end of the avenue and then turn left to Torre Del Lago Puccini where you cross the road via Aurelia Sud that towards right (away from Viareggio) will take you out of the village towards Vecchiano and Pisa (from here 14Km) through a graft with the Aurelia SS1. In less […]
August 7, 2018

The Liberty in Viareggio

THE LIBERTY In the early years of the nineteenth century, when Versilia was approaching the period of the “belle époque” (the equivalent of ‘Modernism’ in Italy), Viareggio was conquered by the Liberty style. We were around 1905. At the beginning only slight signs of this new artistic style were glimpsed, which later became a real local taste, as it was a sort of pleasant mixture of Arab and Nordic artistic influences. Many of the buildings built in this style, in fact, date back to this same period. We find some examples in Villa Bramanti, Villa Nistri (called the ‘Mosque’) and […]