Grotta all’Onda

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August 7, 2018
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September 10, 2018

Grotta all’Onda

Grotta all’Onda is a prehistoric cavity, along whose external walls small waterfalls slide, about 40×60 m wide, it was an ancient refuge of man and currently the subject of scientific investigations and a unique site to have a refreshing experience.
The first inhabitants of the cave were the Neanderthals who left their flint hunting tools and bone remains of their prey. The hypogeum structure is also interesting from a geological point of view, showing evidence of the most significant sedimentological and paleoclimatic events from about 170,000 years ago.


Our itinerary starts from the hamlet of Tre Scolli located above Camaiore: to get there when we are in Camaiore we must take the road to Lombrici and Casoli; you pass the first town, you pass also Casoli and, after about 2 km., on the right there is a steep asphalt road closed by a white and red bar; here you leave the car. You take the narrow road (or a shortcut in the wood – 100m on track 106) and follow it until you come to a fork where a concrete slab on the road indicates the Grotta all’Onda direction to the right (5mins).


You then walk the “gora” that is a path that accompanies the aqueduct, built in concrete and completely flat. You follow it easily and you can enjoy the view until the rocks protruding from the left do force you to an iron walkway (30mins) followed by a path that you climb to the left and in other 30 minutes will take you to Grotta all’ Onda (60mins from the car), on the slopes of Mount Matanna.

In addition to the historical aspect, the funniest thing is where the water falls from the cave forming a real throne of soft moss where you can sit for the most unique and picturesque of the showers you have ever done … remember to bring the costume and a towel!

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