Renara river in Guadine

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September 4, 2018
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Renara river in Guadine

The torrent Renara is the largest tributary of the Frigido river with very cold waters. It flows in the mountains of the municipality of Massa just a few minutes from the city center. It is a very popular place for its beauty, its crystalline and fresh waters. Because of the ease with which it is reached, it is practically crowded on any day of the week, but a corner is always there for you to stay.

It is the river of the masses par excellence, the easy alternative to the sea, a place of entertainment for children and a meeting place for many families. It’s all but a quiet and peaceful place: it’s “the beach transferred to the mountains” with all its contradictions, its pros and cons.


The torrent presents different landscapes in its flow. In the first section, between the confluence of the river Frigido (coming from Forno) and the town of Guadine, there are various pools, trees and shrubs. This is perhaps the most beautiful and fresh stretch of torrent.

The stretch that leads to Renara instead is more sunny and strongly disfigured by the old marble quarries. It is a landscape of strong contrasts, poised between the beauty of the blue water in the white marble bed between the tops of the Apuan Alps and the wounds left by the excavation. However, the Renara stream is worth a visit, especially for tourists who do not know the Apuan Alps.


How to get there
From the center of Massa take the direction to Canevara. Go up until you reach a marble sawmill (on the right). After that, a little further on, take to Resceto. From there to Gronda every place is “good”. If instead you want to go up to Renara, when you arrive in Gronda cross the bridge on your right and then immediately keep to the left. The road continues alongside the river up to a pitch, from where a white road begins. Stop and park where you want, taking care not to obstruct the traffic. It is also worth taking a walk to the end of the dirt road to better appreciate the Apuan Alps.

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