Malbacco pools

Renara river in Guadine
September 10, 2018
September 17, 2018

Malbacco pools

Near Seravezza there is a river that flows limpid and forms some wonderful pools and a waterfall that is a natural slide in the stone, the waterfall of Malbacco, which is truly unique in its kind!
The water of the stream with its erosive force has shaped the rock forming a natural slide about ten meters high, from which it is possible to dive or slide into the pool below from the celestial, crystalline and incredibly freezing water. The most adventurous can climb the steep rock face with the help of a rope, fixed with some bolts.
Along the stream there are other pools and waterfalls and it is very pleasant to walk along the shore and explore every corner. The place is perfect to spend a warm summer day surrounded by lush and wild nature, away from the line, the traffic and the crowd of swimmers.

How to get to the Malbacco waterfall
From Seravezza continue towards Malbacco after about 1.2 km from the sign of the end of the country you will begin to notice the first parked cars and the first pools.
From here you can leave the car to continue on foot (2 km uphill, 30 minutes) or from the parking lot before the ZTL (a restricted traffic area in Italy)  leaves the shuttle that runs every 30 minutes, only on weekends. The cost of the return ticket is 3 euros.

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