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September 12, 2018
September 19, 2018


If you fancy a half-day in which to have your legs busy without facing important ascents, a bike ride to Montemarcello is the one for you.

From Casa Arsella reach the adjacent promenade and continue north (right) and ride for many kilometers through Lido di Camaiore, Marina di Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi and the marinas of Massa, Carrara and Sarzana.

Just after Marinella di Sarzana you will arrive at a little roundabout where you ignore the first exit towards the motorways and take the second exit towards Bocca di Magra, Ameglia, Lerici.
Continue up to the bridge on the river Magra and from here to the right up to the indication for Ameglia where it begins a very pedestrian climb that then rears up a little in the proximity of Montemarcello.
When you arrive at the village, you have 40Km in your legs and you can simply go back for another 40Km by taking the descent on the opposite side to where you arrived, or rest a while enjoying the visit of Montemarcello.

It is a charming, picturesque village and has a beautiful church. Inside there is a baptismal font and for those who love stories about the templars inside there are references in the statues armed with hilts and swords. You can see a splendid view of the Ligurian coast that extends to the city of La Spezia and you can even see the fish farms of local mussels.
Tip: in the bar ‘Il Giardino’, where we stopped, the owner sells focaccia from Liguria mixed with sage and stuffed with gorgonzola: legendary !!!
EFFORT: 80Km of which 35Km flat, 5 ascent (300 m difference in height to reach Montemarcello), 5 descent, 35Km flat.

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