A Coffee in Pisa

September 19, 2018
Super Lucese
October 1, 2018

A Coffee in Pisa

If you have little time or simply want to make a short tour, flat and without any climb, then why not a trip to Pisa? From Casa Arsella take the seafront towards South, then through the white revolving bridge enter Viale dei Tigli and go for 5Km here to the end of the avenue and then turn left to Torre Del Lago Puccini where you cross the road via Aurelia Sud that towards right (away from Viareggio) will take you out of the village towards Vecchiano and Pisa (from here 14Km) through a graft with the Aurelia SS1. In less than half an hour you will be in the presence of the Leaning Tower and you can enjoy the spectacle of the world’s only Piazza del Duomo and Piazza dei Miracoli while you take a coffee at Bei & Nannini.
The same square houses the monumental Camposanto and the Baptistery, where every day non-professional singers put themselves to the test with his famous acoustics; if you happen to be lucky enough to witness a singing performance inside, you will hear the walls sound like an instrument, while the different acoustic moments follow each other, answering up to a minute after being sung. To the left of the Baptistery is the Camposanto Monumentale, which overlooks the square, articulating its 130 meters in 43 blind arches. The Cathedral, built starting in 1063, is the absolute masterpiece of Romanesque-Pisan architecture, while behind it the famous Tower will never cease to amaze you. Already off-axis to its completion, in 1372, the white marble cylinder 56m high is nothing more than the bell tower of the Romanesque marble cathedral that stands next to it, in Piazza dei Miracoli.

EFFORT: 44Km all flat.

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