Super Lucese

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September 24, 2018
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October 23, 2018

Super Lucese

The ascent to Passo Lucese is a magnificent bike ride that will take you half a day and you will discover the eastern hills of Val Freddana, cut throught by the SP1 Lucca that connects the Montemagno pass to Lucca.
You need to be passionate about climbing hills and be well trained!
Starting from Casa Arsella you can reach the SP1 following the path already described in the post on Montemagno, passing by Camaiore (longer) or climbing back from the Via di Montramito to Monte Pitoro and from there with a comfortable descent to the SP1.
Continue along the SP1 go downfor a short stretch until you see the road sign with Gombitelli/Passo Lucese signs on the left.
From here with 5Km of steep climb you reach the village of Gombitelli. Here, cyclist friends from Lombardy will feel at home because the peculiarity of Gombitelli resides in its dialect, similar to those of northern Italy, from where the first families of the country moved.

Also for food lovers, Gombitelli is famous for the “Salami del Triglia“, the Lardo Rosa and the Prosciutto “Penitente” .
The right height, the absence of smog, the winds that continually sweep and make the atmosphere clear are the elements, the ideal microclimate for curing the cured meats.
Oh Biroldo and Soppressata, poor sausages made with the less noble parts of the pork, always tasty and appetizing. And then the Mortadella nostrale and Gombitelli’s sausage appreciated all year round.

Please take note: in Viareggio in Piazza del Mercato under the arcades, the Triglia has a shop where it sells the meats produced in Gombitelli, not to be missed!
So, let’s get back to the bike … from Gombitelli go more easily than before to the Passo Lucese (550asl) where there is also a restaurant and bar to eat. From here you can simply go back home, but if you want to do the “Super Lucese” (highly recommended if you still have energy in your legs) continue in the steep and bumpy (be very careful!) Descent on the other side up to the junction of Convalle where you climb immediately on right following the signs for Fiano, Loppeglia.
In Fiano there is the legendary Valentino restaurant. Once in your life you have to go there to eat, I guarantee you.
From Fiano enjoy the beautiful descent up to resume the SP1 that goes up again for about 10Km up to the usual fork for Monte Pitoro and from here the return to Viareggio!

EFFORT: 70Km of which 20 ascent (600m elevation gain), 20 descent.


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