August 7, 2018

The Liberty in Viareggio

THE LIBERTY In the early years of the nineteenth century, when Versilia was approaching the period of the “belle époque” (the equivalent of ‘Modernism’ in Italy), Viareggio was conquered by the Liberty style. We were around 1905. At the beginning only slight signs of this new artistic style were glimpsed, which later became a real local taste, as it was a sort of pleasant mixture of Arab and Nordic artistic influences. Many of the buildings built in this style, in fact, date back to this same period. We find some examples in Villa Bramanti, Villa Nistri (called the ‘Mosque’) and in the numerous floral and neo-Gothic villas present throughout the area. After the fire occurred on October 17, 1917, which destroyed all the buildings built of wood (belonging to the early Liberty period), there was an inversion of course, which gave birth to a new interest in the Art Deco. It is an art characterized by the use of many ceramic decorations, an innovation that distinguished all the architecture of the 1920s. In Versilia there are many examples of this style, including Villa Argentina or the small Villa Arrighi. DIFFUSION OF THE LIBERTY Since 1900, the first great Tuscan artists used to come to Versilia on holiday, to enjoy its beaches, the cool of its pine forests and the sea breeze. It was the ideal place to regenerate and find the right inspiration for new masterpieces. In fact, there are several architectural works, rich in spiers, domes and small towers, […]