October 1, 2018

Super Lucese

The ascent to Passo Lucese is a magnificent bike ride that will take you half a day and you will discover the eastern hills of Val Freddana, cut throught by the SP1 Lucca that connects the Montemagno pass to Lucca. You need to be passionate about climbing hills and be well trained! Starting from Casa Arsella you can reach the SP1 following the path already described in the post on Montemagno, passing by Camaiore (longer) or climbing back from the Via di Montramito to Monte Pitoro and from there with a comfortable descent to the SP1. Continue along the SP1 […]
September 24, 2018

A Coffee in Pisa

If you have little time or simply want to make a short tour, flat and without any climb, then why not a trip to Pisa? From Casa Arsella take the seafront towards South, then through the white revolving bridge enter Viale dei Tigli and go for 5Km here to the end of the avenue and then turn left to Torre Del Lago Puccini where you cross the road via Aurelia Sud that towards right (away from Viareggio) will take you out of the village towards Vecchiano and Pisa (from here 14Km) through a graft with the Aurelia SS1. In less […]
September 19, 2018


The ascent of Montemagno is the classic after-work excursion, something that you can easy accomplish in less that 2-hours biking. From viareggio the ride takes about 1½ hours and is very fun and varied. Leaving Casa Arsella we head towards Camaiore (I prefer to go towards Lido di Camaiore and then reach Camaiore by the Via Italica) and from there the approach to the ascent of Montemagno. Along the way to the right, you will find road sign for a beautiful variation that gors up to Pedona and to the Castello di Mommio and then descend on the other side […]
September 17, 2018


If you fancy a half-day in which to have your legs busy without facing important ascents, a bike ride to Montemarcello is the one for you. From Casa Arsella reach the adjacent promenade and continue north (right) and ride for many kilometers through Lido di Camaiore, Marina di Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi and the marinas of Massa, Carrara and Sarzana. Just after Marinella di Sarzana you will arrive at a little roundabout where you ignore the first exit towards the motorways and take the second exit towards Bocca di Magra, Ameglia, Lerici. Continue up to the bridge on the river […]
September 12, 2018

Malbacco pools

Near Seravezza there is a river that flows limpid and forms some wonderful pools and a waterfall that is a natural slide in the stone, the waterfall of Malbacco, which is truly unique in its kind! The water of the stream with its erosive force has shaped the rock forming a natural slide about ten meters high, from which it is possible to dive or slide into the pool below from the celestial, crystalline and incredibly freezing water. The most adventurous can climb the steep rock face with the help of a rope, fixed with some bolts. Along the stream […]