September 17, 2018


If you fancy a half-day in which to have your legs busy without facing important ascents, a bike ride to Montemarcello is the one for you. From Casa Arsella reach the adjacent promenade and continue north (right) and ride for many kilometers through Lido di Camaiore, Marina di Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi and the marinas of Massa, Carrara and Sarzana. Just after Marinella di Sarzana you will arrive at a little roundabout where you ignore the first exit towards the motorways and take the second exit towards Bocca di Magra, Ameglia, Lerici. Continue up to the bridge on the river […]
September 12, 2018

Malbacco pools

Near Seravezza there is a river that flows limpid and forms some wonderful pools and a waterfall that is a natural slide in the stone, the waterfall of Malbacco, which is truly unique in its kind! The water of the stream with its erosive force has shaped the rock forming a natural slide about ten meters high, from which it is possible to dive or slide into the pool below from the celestial, crystalline and incredibly freezing water. The most adventurous can climb the steep rock face with the help of a rope, fixed with some bolts. Along the stream […]
September 10, 2018

Renara river in Guadine

The torrent Renara is the largest tributary of the Frigido river with very cold waters. It flows in the mountains of the municipality of Massa just a few minutes from the city center. It is a very popular place for its beauty, its crystalline and fresh waters. Because of the ease with which it is reached, it is practically crowded on any day of the week, but a corner is always there for you to stay. It is the river of the masses par excellence, the easy alternative to the sea, a place of entertainment for children and a meeting […]
September 4, 2018

Grotta all’Onda

Grotta all’Onda is a prehistoric cavity, along whose external walls small waterfalls slide, about 40×60 m wide, it was an ancient refuge of man and currently the subject of scientific investigations and a unique site to have a refreshing experience.                              The first inhabitants of the cave were the Neanderthals who left their flint hunting tools and bone remains of their prey. The hypogeum structure is also interesting from a geological point of view, showing evidence of the most significant sedimentological and paleoclimatic events from about 170,000 years ago.   Our itinerary starts from the hamlet of Tre Scolli located […]
August 7, 2018

The Liberty in Viareggio

THE LIBERTY In the early years of the nineteenth century, when Versilia was approaching the period of the “belle époque” (the equivalent of ‘Modernism’ in Italy), Viareggio was conquered by the Liberty style. We were around 1905. At the beginning only slight signs of this new artistic style were glimpsed, which later became a real local taste, as it was a sort of pleasant mixture of Arab and Nordic artistic influences. Many of the buildings built in this style, in fact, date back to this same period. We find some examples in Villa Bramanti, Villa Nistri (called the ‘Mosque’) and […]